None of this should be taken as advise in any way. I don’t speculate on NFTs or Cryptocurrencies.


The Mesmerizer

A mathematically randomized canvas animation, that’s completely on-chain as a NFT. Purchased as a donation to help support A lightweight webui wallet for Cardano.

HOSKY C(ash Grab)NFT #103163.

…one bad pup from the Hosky team.


A NFT unit for an upcoming game called TheMechverse

OOZ1ES #355

One of a kind ooz1es. “Only” 9999 will ever be minted!

Xarsonlamb X

My very own planet! Part of a new metaverse project over at Space Tokens.


One of only 100 minted NFTs that give you access to a super secret discord chat.


I picked up two of these very limited NFTs because, like the people in the discord, I love history and the cryptic.


Yes, I minted my own. I have to play with everything tech related I can get my hands on. It’s just how I am! Only 1000 minted! No market sells them so they are SUPER RARE!!!