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Oh my, I’m late! I’m late! But seriously I’ve been on break on my tech projects and hobbies to make time to secure myself some eggs and veg. Look at these ladies!

Funny looking fuzzballs really know how to make a mess out of everything. Hourly food/water checks were need because they just keep kicking the bedding into everything.

At the same time I was preparing a 16×8 area for the garden. My land is nothing but clay so I had to get something around 800lbs of topsoil and 300 lbs of manure to create an area plants will actually root in decently.

Had to add some real basic fencing around it to keep my dogs out. I tilled it for about a week to make sure the dirt and manure were mixed real well and started dropping seeds in.

Got some cherry tomatoes growing next to the deck. Can’t wait for them to start ripening up. One of my favorite snacks.

The actual tomatoes don’t look like they are doing nearly as well but I’m going to feed them some direct nutrients soon once the chicken droppings and the compost pile get a little more… integrated?

The beans and cucumbers on the other side of the garden are doing just fine though. Just went out to get some bean poles and tie them up before they get too out of control!

The garden as it sits now. The good growing row has beans, bell peppers, watermelon, and cucumbers. The far side has tomatoes, jalapenos, and peas. Next week or so when the sprouts are ready we are going to be adding more rows towards the middle to get multiple rounds of harvest!

Chickens grow quick! It became apparent that I needed some more room for them to hang out in so I put some wire up under the deck and out the side to give them some more space and access to sunlight without me.

Yeah busy busy times. Grinding between work and part time farming has been sucking up all my time! I still have small list of projects I want to get done relating to cyber security and cryptocurrencies. Including setting up my Pi4 as an IDS and taking apart some of my old gaming rigs and turning them into a mining rig! Stay tuned and I’ll try to update more often! Here’s some pictures!